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Weihnachtsurlaub & Silvesterreisen

Hier findest du die schönsten Angebote für Weihnachtsurlaub und Silvesterreisen von bekannten und erfahrenen Anbietern mit günstigen Einzelzimmeroptionen für Alleinreisende oder Urlaub mit Freund/-innen im eigenen Zimmer. Du kannst sie einfach vergleichen, unkompliziert anfragen und günstig buchen. Sei es für Silvesterreisen oder Weihnachtsurlaub alleine oder mit einer/m Freund/-in. Viele Anbieter von Silvesterreisen & Weihnachtsurlaub bieten Abflüge von relativ beliebigen Abflughäfen an.

Wenn du nur mit Alleinreisenden oder nur mit jungen Leuten zu Weihnachten oder Silvester verreisen möchtest, wirf einen Blick auf die weiteren Singlereisen zu Weihnachten, die Singlereisen zu Silvester, die Weihnachtsreisen für junge Leute oder die Silvesterreisen für junge Leute!

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  • Amsterdam zu Silvester

    If New York is the city that never sleeps, then Amsterdam is the city that never forgets to throw a good New Year’s. With 4-days on your side you’ll uncover the hidden clubs, find the best cafes and have plenty of time to enjoy the endless cuteness of the city in between festivities. Did we mention free drinks?

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  • Amsterdam zu Weihnachten

    Canals lit by fairy-lights and a sparkly town square are sure to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. This is just the start of Christmas in Amsterdam. Make tracks out of London and enjoy the festivities and winter wonderland that is a traditional European Christmas.

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  • Paris zu Silvester

    There’s so much to see in Paris, so get to know the chic French capital in depth this winter on this 4 day New Year’s Eve package. See the city on an ‘Illuminations’ tour, covering the must see sights! Take time to do as the the locals do as you try some authentic French cuisine, relax on a Seine River cruise or take in the city’s cultural side & dive into it’s many museums, galleries & cafes.

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  • Berlin zu Silvester

    With Berlin holding the title as the nightclubbing capital of Europe, and New Years Eve being the biggest party of the year, is it any real wonder that Berlin does new years like no other? 3 nights might not seem like many, but the memories you’ll make on this trip will last a lifetime. It’s time to ring in the new year in the best possible way; surrounded by historical monuments, new friends, and fuelled by German beer.

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  • London zu Silvester

    In a city where Tudor buildings meet cocktail bars, New Years Eve is serious business. Prepare to be utterly blown away as fireworks illuminate historical monuments, and the city comes alive with electric energy. Trust us – you’ll never have a New Years like it.

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  • Paris zu Weihnachten

    Year round, Paris has the ability to make us weak at the knees with its idyllic, starry-eyed vibes. And this only escalates when it is blanketed in snow and sparked by Christmas day sentiments. Make tracks out of London and enjoy the festivities and winter wonderland that is a traditional European Christmas.

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