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  • Traumhaftes Europa

    You’ve dreamt of this moment. You’ve fantasised about the lamp-lit bridges of Paris, the sun-kissed shorelines of Croatia and the eclectic street art of Berlin. This is the trip to make your dreams a reality, hitting up Europe’s major cities without scrimping on its spectacular scenery. Over 19 glorious nights, you’ll unearth the very best of Europe on this life-changing journey.

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  • Straße nach Kroatien

    The road to Croatia is paved with gold. It’s also paved with majestic monuments, edgy coffee shops and a whole lotta beautiful culture just waiting to be devoured. This 14 day adventure is the trip that packs a punch; where we’ll glide through the too cool for school cities of Berlin and Amsterdam, and unearth the mystic charm of the Balkans before living it up, Game of Thrones style, in sun-kissed Croatia.

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  • London nach Budapest mit dem Zug

    This one makes tracks through some of Europe’s coolest cities, taking the train from London to Budapest and spending time in dreamy Paris, quirky Amsterdam, bohemian Prague and opulent Vienna along the way. Foodie walking tours, street art, e-scooter tours, Berlin’s iconic nightlife & a dinner cruise on the Danube are just a few of the highlights, while scenic train rides show you authentic Europe from a classic mode of transport.

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  • Das Beste vom Balkan

    This part of the world is hotter than hot right now, and we aint gonna lie, this trip’s name says it all. Sunshine, sunsets, and sights are served up left right and centre, with a nature fix dotted in-between to keep every explorer tuned in. 15-days of life changing experiences are yours for the taking. 

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  • Das Beste vom Balkan

    Hit up an incredible 6 countries in just one trip and take in the best sights the Balkans has to offer. Whether it’s exploring the beautiful city of Dubrovnik, partying until the early hours in Belgrade or strolling around the historic sights Sarajevo has to offer, this trip has something for everyone.

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  • Prag nach Budapest mit dem Zug

    Want to discover through Eastern Europe’s top three coolest cities by rail, complete with scenic views? Starting in the bohemian city of Prague, we’ll have time for a guided walking tour through the cobbled streets & traditional craft beer tasting, before making tracks for Vienna to hang at the local ‘beach bars’, drink Viennese coffee and take thrill rides at one of the world’s oldest theme parks. Gliding on to Budapest, we’ll have the chance to learn to cook authentic Hungarian dishes with the locals & take a dreamy cruise down the Danube, uncovering a whole new side to Eastern Europe as we go.

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  • Mini Balkan

    If you’ve got a few short days on the clock, then you better spend it well. With some of the hottest ‘it’ destinations on the clock, and your phone on full charge, these drool worthy spots are hard names to pronounce but will be hard to forget. Eat, sleep, explore repeat is the name of the game on this incredible snippet of these Balkan faves. 

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  • Von Wien nach London

    A castle and an old town in Ljubljana. Snails & champagne in Paris. A concentration camp in Krakow. & pizza by a World Heritage Site in Rome. The trail to London is all about balancing the things you’ve always dreamed of with the things you’ve not even fathomed. With 11 countries conquered in 16-days, you’ll know exactly which places stole your heart & deserve a second visit.

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  • Balkan Entdeckungsreise

    There’s so much to fit in with this 11 day adventure around 5 incredible Balkan countries. Take in the Dalmatian Coastline as we head to the scenic city of Dubrovnik, explore the architecture of Belgrade before finishing up in the Hungarian capital of Budapest.

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  • Von London nach Rom

    With almost 200 countries in the world to tick off your list, time is precious. Smashing 12 in one trip should really get things moving. Eat Trdelnik in Prague, soak in thermal baths in Budapest & party round the clock in Berlin. Cities, culture, history & scenery are on the cards for the Trail to Rome.

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  • Von Wien nach Rom

    Krakow & Ljubljana sound familiar? Probably not. That’s because the Eastern Trail is about blazing a new trail. But just to keep things interesting we sandwich the obscure between hotspots like Venice & Vienna. It doesn’t get much better than 9 brimming days to explore 7 European countries. 

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  • Östliche Runde

    The ultimate collision of history and modernity happen here in the arms of Eastern Europe. Commencing in Berlin with the option to loop back around or end in Warsaw, you will flutter from traditional meals and royal castles, to eclectic clubs filled with well-dressed locals.

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  • Von Budapest nach London – Europas Schokoladenseite

    Wolltest du schon immer mal auf einen Schlag beide Seiten Europas sehen? Dieser Kombitrip erfüllt dir diesen Wunsch und noch viel mehr. Du beginnst in der geschichtsträchtigen Zwillingsstadt Budapest und reist weiter in den Nordwesten Europas. Lass dich von den charmanten alten Gebäuden in Krakau und Prag so richtig verzaubern. Auf einer Radtour gleitest du durch die Straßen von Amsterdam. Wenn du dann in einem ruhigeren Moment bei einem belgischen Bier deine Erlebnisse Revue passieren lässt, wirst du dir wünschen, dass die Reise nie zu Ende geht.

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  • Von Budapest nach Berlin – Graffiti & Geschichte

    Wenn du auf der Suche nach Kultur, Charme und Geschichte gleichermaßen bist, ist Osteuropa die Region deiner Träume. Du bereist vier Länder in sieben Tagen, aber mach dir keinen Stress, dabei irgendetwas zu verpassen – dir bleibt jede Menge Zeit zur freien Verfügung, um Sehenswürdigkeiten zu erkunden und wirklich ein Gefühl für Krakau, Prag, Berlin und Budapest zu bekommen. Kopfsteinpflasterstraßen, Thermalbäder und Burgen erwarten dich und weil du in Zügen und Bussen mit vielen neuen abenteuerlustigen Freunden an deiner Seite reist, sind dir Erinnerungen an aufregende Tage und fantastische Nächte garantiert.

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