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Below you find selected tours with many easily affordable single room options for solo travelers, singles or friends in their own comfy rooms. You’ll be able to quickly find, compare and book many of the best travel offers on the market cheaply. Since these tours can usually be booked without restrictions regarding age, gender or relationship status, you are likely to travel with a colourfully mixed group of nice travelers. Nowadays the chance is high though that you will not be the only solo traveler within the tour group! And of course, there are usually double rooms available for couples, families or friends.

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If or how much contact there will be with other travelers depends mainly on you. Usually everyone just wants to enjoy the landscapes and sights in peace, but e.g. during the bus transfers nice, relaxed conversations may come up. And sometimes there might be funny mood makers among the other passengers!

Tours especially and exclusively for solo travelers & singles you’ll find in the category Tours for Singles & Solo Travellers.

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