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Tours for Young Adults & Young Solo Travellers

Below you find selected tours for young adults, also suitable for young solo travelers, with many comfy single room options for solo travelers, singles or friends in their own rooms. You’ll be able to quickly find, compare and book many of the best young travel offers on the market cheaply. The tours for young people are mostly intended for travelers with an age in between 18 and 39. However, certain crossings of age limits are often tolerated. Also, some tours are aimed at young travelers, but without naming specific age restrictions or age recommendations. For friends or couples there are usually also double rooms available. Some tours offer an option to share a room with another solo traveler of the same sex, in order to avoid a possible single supplement!

On tours for young adults the chances are very good that you will not be the only solo traveler within the tour group! If you want to be sure to travel exclusively with solo travelers and singles, take a look at the tours for singles & solo travelers. There are often tours or individual dates especially for young solo travelers (note therefor e.g. the age groups that are often indicated on the booking pages besides the travel dates for solo travelers). You’ll find those tours for young singles and young solo travelers also below among all tours for young adults!

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