Google has analyzed trends in travel

Google recently analyzed its 2020 travel search queries and derived travel trends from them …

Not surprisingly, according to Google, 2020 has so far shown a clear travel trend towards “The near outdoors”, as Google summarizes the sought-after destinations. According to the study, travelers have increasingly searched for trips that take place mainly outdoors and are quickly reachable without an airplane – and preferably by car – due to travel restrictions and concerns caused by the coronavirus.

Solo female travelers are brave!

Not surprisingly, we were also able to observe this trend at Solo Travel. What surprised us, however, was how eager our mainly female users were to travel despite the crisis!

The interest of solo travelers from, for example, Canada and the USA shifted significantly more towards the homeland, i.e. to tours within Canada and tours within the USA:


There was also great interest in cottages and cabins:

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