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Easily find, compare & cheaply book the best singles vacations from anywhere in the world.

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The selected, experienced and popular operators of the singles vacations below either offer the tours for singles or vacation packages with flight options from anywhere in the world or without flights included by default. So you can book, depart and participate theoretically from anywhere in the world, but of course you have to make sure that you meet the entry requirements of the tour destination countries. You’ll find many beautiful, comfy and cheap flights on our flights page. If you want to choose and book the flights yourself, wait until your booked singles vacation or tour is finally confirmed and/or book a cancelable or rebookable airfare and/or a suitable cancellation insurance for the case that the tour is cancelled! If you book the flights through the tour operator, it may be responsible for refunding you the flights in case of a tour cancellation (always read the cancellation or insurance terms carefully!).

Oh no! No travel offers were found matching your specific search. Try a slightly different search query! Also, new travel deals are constantly added throughout the year depending on the season (for example, new summer deals usually appear at the beginning of the year, new winter deals often during the second half of the year).