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Tours for Young Adults

Compare & easily book hundrets of wonderful tours for young adults with English speaking guides & international participants at the best prices - especially suitable for solo travelers and friends!

  • European Contrasts Plus Corfu Sailing (End London, 30 Days)

    Duration: 30 days. So you want the scenic scope of The Swiss Alps, the French Riviera & Rhine Valley. But you also need to roam cities like Prague, Rome and Paris. And you want to see 12 countries in less than a month, leaving no path untrodden, no site unseen and no bar undanced in & 3 nights sailing around a Greek Island would be nice. Well greedy traveller, it just so happens your prayers have been answered on the European Contrasts plus Corfu Sailing. You’re welcome.

    $ 4,754
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  • Hawaii Unplugged (Previously Called The Big Kahuna)

    Duration: 9 days. You’ve seen it in the movies and fantasised about it since forever, so why put it off any longer? Hawaii is the kind of island paradise that will have you dreaming of coming back as soon as you’ve left its shores, each time stealing another little piece of your heart. 9 days of sunshine, surf, coconuts and hula dancing are waiting…

    $ 2,104
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  • East Meets West

    Duration: 15 days. Let’s play a game of Would You Rather. Eastern or Western Europe? Psych! On this East Meets West trip, you don’t have to choose. Fall for the beauty of Budapest, the charm of Kraków and the Gothic glories of stunning Prague the get seduced by modern Berlin and buzzing Amsterdam. Trust us – you’ll leave with a continent’s worth of memories to last a lifetime.This is a sector of the 49 Day Mega European (Greece) trip.

    $ 1,760
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  • Northern Choice (Start Auckland, End Wellington, Summer, 10 Days)

    Duration: 10 days. Traditional Maori hāngi dinner & dance performance one minute, skyscrapers & city nightlife the next. This is the sort of diversity that will keep you on your toes and round the clock ecstatic on the Northern Choice. The adventure starts from the big smoke of Auckland & concludes in little San Fran of Wellington.

    $ 1,521
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  • Winter Vegas Trail

    Duration: 8 days. Experience the kind of ‘California love’ that rappers spit rhymes about on this eight-day winter jaunt from fabulously flashy Vegas to the bay city of San Francisco. After making it rain in the City of Sin, venture northbound to Lake Tahoe where you can snowboard off the hangover in true alpine style, before cutting across to San Fran to mix with the free spirited folk at Haight-Ashbury and the sociable seals at Pier 39. Feeling inspired? We bet your Reese’s Pieces you are.

    $ 1,369
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  • Felucca Odyssey & Red Sea

    Duration: 12 days. Journey through Cairo and Dahab that encompasses some of the most astounding sites from the old world.Marvel at the diversity the landscapes have to offer when you visit Cairo, Aswan and Luxor then take some time to relax in Dahab.

    $ 1,133
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  • Turkey Explored

    Duration: 12 days. Fascinating culture paired with stunning scenery make a tour of Turkey a truly unforgettable experience. Starting in the historical grandeur and modern wonder that is Istanbul, we’ll check out ancient ruins before being swept away by the otherworldly Cappadocia and gorgeous coastal villages on the Mediterranean. Along the way there’s local cuisine and traditional hospitality to look forward to.

    $ 1,251
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  • Amsterdam New Year

    Duration: 4 days. Welcome to Amsterdam! From amazing museums to pumping nightclubs, this city of contrasts has everything you need for an unforgettable New Year break. When you’re not gearing up for a night of celebrations, hit the cobblestones streets and canal-side markets and discover why this Dutch capital is considered one of Europe’s best.

    $ 527
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  • Summer Fun & Sailing 2019

    Duration: 27 days. Fancy spending a day lounging under the Mediterranean sun on a yacht coursing through the turquoise waters of the Adriatic? How about three days? You got it. On this Summer Fun & Sailing trip, not only will you have the chance to channel your inner shipmate with a jaunt on the high seas, but you’ll also crisscross epic mountain ranges, explore Europe’s great capitals and discover some of the hottest new destinations in the Balkans. Talk about a trip of a lifetime!

    $ 4,000
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  • Snorkel To Adventure (Base, 3 Days)

    Duration: 3 days. Calling all Mermaids & Mermen! Your most idyllic underwater experience is waiting for you off the coast of Cairns. The Great Barrier Reef is a playground of coloured sea life including giant turtles, stingrays, huge clams, & technicoloured fish. Spend 3 days at sea with the Snorkel to Adventure, & team it with our Rainforest Adventure for the full Queensland encounter.

    $ 514
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  • City to City (ex. Auckland) 2018-19

    Duration: 9 days. High octane or slow and steady, this trip switches up the pace every day. Learn local legends from the Maori people, visit some world-class museums, go skydiving and hike one of the best one-day hikes in the world. You’ll see movie-worthy scenery, lush greenery and volcanic vistas. Kia Ora New Zealand!This trip is a section of the 19 Day Grand Kiwi

    $ 1,222
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  • 21 Day East African Explorer 2019-20 (South Luangwa, South Luangwa National Park , Zanzibar , Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater)

    Duration: 21 days. Wanna combine a beach getaway with once-in-a-lifetime wildlife encounters? This all-encompassing African adventure will suit you more than a pith hat suits a park ranger! Relax on tropical island Zanzibar and recline on Lake Malawi’s beaches before getting up close and personal with the famed ‘Big Five’ at Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater. Good times guaranteed!This is a sector of the 41 Day Cape Town to Kenya trip.

    $ 2,461
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  • European Whirl (End Paris, 19 Days)

    Duration: 19 days. If you’ve been dreaming of going to Europe but don’t know exactly where to start, the European Whirl is your best option. Taking in the usual destinations of Paris, Rome and Amsterdam, it also ventures out east to Prague and Berlin. Both of which are currently on Europe’s ‘must see’ list. The perfect combination of culture, relaxation and of course, good times!

    $ 2,431
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  • Northern Choice (Start Wellington, End Auckland, Winter, 10 Days)

    Duration: 10 days. Traditional Maori hāngi dinner & dance performance one minute, skyscrapers & city nightlife the next. This is the sort of diversity that will keep you on your toes and round the clock ecstatic on the Northern Choice. The adventure starts in little San Fran of Wellington & concludes in the big smoke of Auckland.

    $ 1,443
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  • Coast To Canopies

    Duration: 28 days. You’ve come to the right place if you want to load up on Vitamin D. BUT this sun-kissed part of the planet is so much more than just paradisiacal beaches…although it offers them in abundance. We’re also talking adventure activities, cenote swims, turtle spotting, Mexican street food munching, volcano trekking, ancient site exploring, and we’re just warming up…

    $ 6,282
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  • Dive To Adventure (Base, 3 Days)

    Duration: 3 days. Scram from the mainland & get out amongst the Coral Sea where the Great Barrier Reef is waiting. 11 dive opportunities are yours to scout, including a guided night dive for those feeling brave. 3-nights spent drifting over the ocean & endless salt soaked adventure & sea life encounters; your mermaid tail will be very much wagging.

    $ 664
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Tours for Young Adults
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