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  • Philippines Palawan Adventure

    If you’ve only got time for just one of the Philippines’ tropical destinations, Palawan is it. This eight-day tour brings you to the best of the province from El Nido’s stunning karst stone formations to its turquoise waters and colourful marine life beyond the ocean’s surface. Snorkel above colourful coral reefs, hike the rainforest, and venture through a subterranean river network by boat. But if you prefer a more leisurely pace to your adventures, don’t worry. We’ve left plenty of time for beach bumming too, lounging on remote beach resorts, and cooling off in the waves.

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  • Northern Philippines Adventure

    With over 6,000 islands contained within its borders, the Philippines is one of the largest archipelagos in the world. While we can’t possibly show you all of the islands in just nine days, we can show you the country’s northern highlights, which will feel more than comprehensive enough. You’ll discover the arresting inland beauty of Luzon, known for world-famous (and incredibly picturesque) terraced rice paddies. Learn about colonial history and life in tiny villages. Looking for the road less travelled? It runs through here.

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  • Philippines Island Hopping: Clear Skies & Blue Waters

    Now’s the time to explore the Philippines on your terms with this tour that’s affordable for young travellers. Camping on a beach under a night sky? That’s just the tip of the sensory iceberg you’ll enjoy on this 13-day island-hopping tour through the best of Philippines’ nature, beaches, and cultural life. Roam Bohol’s famous Chocolate Hills (you can’t eat them, sadly), snorkel with massive whale sharks in the clearest of clear blue waters (if the season is right), wander through exotic Manila and historic Cebu, and take a boat ride through Palawan’s mesmerizing subterranean river. And with meeting lots of local people and getting plenty of free time to explore, this trip brings meaning and liberation. Be free.

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  • Northern Philippines and Palawan Adventure

    The colourful culture, pristine beaches, and colonial history of the Philippines aren’t easy to capture in just one trip but this 16-day tour is a pretty decent effort. Envelop yourself in colonial history within Manila’s former walled centre and the charming town of Vigan, embark on a subterranean boat ride through an underground cave system, and visit a self-governing penal colony. The Philippines’ beaches are some of the world’s best, so we’ve left plenty of time for snorkelling or simply just lounging on the beaches of El Nido. This way, your knowledge of the country will only deepen alongside your tan.

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