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Psychologists will confirm that it makes sense to (also) focus on the positive aspects and possibilities of one’s life. Being grateful for what you have (instead of feeling sorry for what you don’t have) can help take yourself out of the victim role. This will give you energy and motivation to be active and to help prevent a “vicious cycle” of negative thoughts, feelings and counterproductive retreat. Leaving the “comfort zone” every now and then is good for your self-confidence and for overcoming fears. A Christmas visit to the family, or a trip to a new place and meeting new people there, for example, can be a good opportunity to do this (see the article on the question “Why travel solo?” and about the benefits of travelling alone).

Of course it is nice to celebrate with family and friends. The fact that we are “social beings” and feel more connected to close relatives than to less or non-relatives is also shown by biology. Therefore, people in healthy relationships usually enjoy the closeness of their parents, grandparents, children or grandchildren. But do we have to be in a twosome relationship for that? Is it still justified nowadays that many singles see the Christmas season or other family-oriented holidays as a burden? Or that the media tend to convey this view? Or are some outdated social conventions and ways of thinking the reason behind this?

In many families and relationships there are unhealthy or even destructive tensions and disputes to be found, which is why many in relationships desire more freedom or to be single again. And even if a family or couple is happy, it doesn’t automatically mean that you have to be unhappy(er) as a single! As indicated earlier, nature seems to motivate us (through various reward mechanisms) to reproduce and to take care of our offspring, our partners, our wider family, and even of the group beyond. This doesn’t necessarily mean, though, that you can’t be happy as a single (in between or in general), nor that you can’t enjoy singlespecific benefits or enriching relationships as a single!

Both being in a relationship and being single have their enviable and pitiful sides. We better pay attention to the positive things and potentials in each other, regardless of our relationship statuses, and celebrate accordingly in a mutually respectful and uplifting way.


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