We are looking forward to another year with you and will continue to do our best for solo travellers in the new year!

In 2018 we have already achieved some important goals:

✅ We are now already more than 24,000 (potential) solo travellers from all over the world and thus a good incentive for travel providers to offer travel or accommodation packages that are more suitable and cheaper for those who want or need to travel alone or with friends in their own room.

✅ We have already been able to track down and provide thousands of solo travel deals with affordable single room or single use options for you (from wonderful tours exclusively for solo travellers to adventure trips and hotels with only little single supplement) after negotiations with providers.

✅ To make it as easy as possible for you to research your next personal trip of your dreams, we have recently completed and put online numerous improvements in the booking tools as well as a completely new travel search.

✅ We have also recently launched a completely new Solo Travel Forum for exchanging ideas or meeting other solo travellers worldwide. There’s already many signups and some first postings – it just needs to get going properly! So please feel free to post (Who travels where? Who wants to share experiences? Who is where? etc.) The community profiles are linked to Facebook for mutual trust and simplicity, but they are not publicly accessible and can be deleted at any time simply on click!

In the future we will be able to use this new community to arrange certain meeting points for single travellers worldwide (such as certain hotels or hostels) as well as to negotiate respective discounts and services with providers.

These were just a few examples of what’s new – we hope that Solo Travel has already been useful to some of you (the many bookings indicate that!). We will continue to strive for more beautiful, easier and cheaper “solo traveling” and are still grateful for critical – as well as positive 🙂 – feedback!