If you have logged in via Facebook and are using someone else’s computer, you should log out from both Facebook and Solo Travel:



If you are currently using your own computer or smartphone or a user account that is only accessible to you on the family or company computer, you could also remain logged in. This way you don’t have to log in again later.

TIPS FOR TRAVELERS: Some logins, e.g. on Facebook, do not have an automatic expiration date, like it was common in the past for security reasons. So you remain logged in even after closing your browser, e.g. in an internet cafe, unless you have used a “private” browser mode (internet cafes should also be used with the greatest care – it’s best not to log in anywhere!). So before leaving someone else’s computer, always check whether you are logged out of important services that include your private or especially financial data, such as Facebook! Some services also offer an option to log out from distance, in case of doubt… With Facebook, the last user is also often saved – so you might want to remove yourself from the Facebook homepage as well.

Rule of thumb: It’s best not to log in anywhere on other people’s computers (and especially in simpler internet cafes!) and if you do have to, at least use the private mode of a browser (which won’t help you if, for example, malware is running in the background). It’s better to use your own smartphone (password it when travelling!) and make sure that you only log in to reputable, https-encrypted websites and use trustworthy WLAN connections (e.g. in a high-quality hotel).