Unforgettable Tours For Young Adults

The best tours for young adults with many comfy single room options for young solo travelers…

Unforgettable Tours For Solo Travelers

Bali, Spain, Iceland, Peru, Japan, Galapagos Islands, India, Greece, Madagascar, Italy, Cuba, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Northern Lights and Dog Sledding in Norway, Egypt, Dubai, Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, New Year’s Eve, for young or for young-at-heart solo travelers, city breaks, beaches, culture, nature …

Australien, Uluru, Ayers Rock

Australia for Solo Travelers

Sailing through the paradise of Whitsunday Islands, sunset on an Australian Farm, Jeep ride on Fraser Island, surfing, wine stomping, snorkelling, Ayers Rock, Sydney …

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Our Engagement for Solo Travelers

We strive to encourage travel companies to offer travel deals that are cheaper and more suitable for those traveling without a partner. This way, we want to make solo traveling easier, cheaper, more sociable and even more beautiful.

The Booking Platform for Solo Travelers

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Chongqing, China, City, City Break, Metropole, The Largest City in the World, Skyline, Skyscrapers, Skyscrapers, Skyscrapers, City, City Breaks for Singles, City Breaks for Solo Travelers

The Largest City in the World

You’ll be surprised that you probably don’t know the largest city in the world. It’s about as big as Austria and has over 30 million inhabitants…

4 ways to a (very) cheap “trial vacation”

You are not sure which destination or which type of travel suits you best and you are always pondering which package to book? Ways to a “trial vacation”…