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Hotel Marketing & Hotel Listing – Make Solo Travelers Happy

Adertise your hotel or apartment to thousands of solo travelers & friends worldwide

Looking for a good hotel marketing opportunity? A hotel listing in front of thousands of solo travelers worldwide is for sure a more innovative option than simply placing some hotel ads. Refresh your hotel marketing strategy and digital marketing plan and advertise your hotel to an already huge, but still growing and promising target group of solo travelers and their friends!

  • The will and means to make solo travelers happy
  • A beautiful hotel or apartment with a rating of at least very good and at least 50 reviews (10 for apartments) on an independent booking platform
  • in a beautiful and internationally popular place
  • within walking distance from the beach and/or the city center and/or nightlife and/or some special attraction
  • A special deal for solo travelers (like a discount, package, or some extra)
  • A free cancellation option

  • A beautiful presentation in front of thousands of solo travelers* worldwide (also in German, so you can reach wealthy and very travel motivated Germans, Austrians and Swiss)
  • You’ll stand out from the crowd (we’re gonna showcase and promote only a limited number of “Best of” accommodations and places worldwide for solo travelers)
  • You’ll initially be part of a worldwide innovation (long awaited by solo travelers)
  • Apart from the user-friendly and neat inclusion on our website (in English and German), your offer will also benefit from our constant SEO, posts on our Facebook page (more than 40,000 followers), press releases and optimized campaigns on social media, in search engines, via newsletters, etc.
  • Happy, grateful and uncomplicated guests, likely to recommend you or to come back (since there are not many offers especially for solo travelers on the market yet)

    * Solo travelers are an already huge and growing target group (due to modern lifestyles, rising global wealth and a general increase in the desire to travel, the percentage of solo travelers will continue to rise – and business travelers also often travel alone!). At least 11% of worldwide travelers are solo travelers. Most of them are women who want to escape from everyday life on their travels, decide for themselves and want to be themselves. And solo travelers are by no means just young singles: many are in a relationship and the average age of solo travelers is statistically around 54 years! Despite the large and growing number of solo travelers, the touristic offers are still lagging behind, making it more difficult and expensive to travel alone – your chance as a first mover!

3 months for free, then 49 EUR net for each upcoming period of 6 months


The fine print:

  • Despite the above-mentioned benefits, the low pricing and the motivated work we’ll do to promote your holiday accommodation, we’ll give you an additional 3 free months on top.
  • After that, your small contribution to the marketing costs will be 49 EUR net for each period of 6 months (i.e. about 8 EUR net per month) and each accommodation that you want to list.
  • This is an initial offer. Prices may increase later on – not without your consent, of course, but we reserve the right to terminate existing contracts anytime.
  • If you pay for your listing now, the free period of 3 months will start as soon as your offer page is ready and online (will take about max. 1-2 months). The free period will directly be followed by the first paid period of 6 months. The next periods will follow automatically, the payment will be made at the beginning of each period. You can delete your listing and cancel future payments at any time easily at a klick via your Paypal account (that you used for the payment above) or by simply contacting us. Because of the low marketing fee we’re asking, payments already made will not be refunded.
  • We reserve the right to not accept accommodations for our listings and promotions if they don’t meet the above-mentioned criteria or if they do not pass our editorial selection.

After you have made the payment above, you will automatically be redirected to the form with which you can submit your accommodation details.

If there is any problem, do not hesitate to contact us:


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