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Hotel Listing – Make Solo Travelers Happy!

List your hotel or apartment in front of thousands of solo travelers & friends worldwide

A hotel listing in front of thousands of solo travelers worldwide is for sure a more innovative option than simply placing some hotel ads or using a standard booking portal. List your hotel in front of the already huge, but still growing and promising target group of solo travelers and their friends!

Just in case you haven’t received a personal invitation from us to list your accommodation:

Please make sure you read the info regarding a potential listing (like the admission criteria) before filling out and submitting the form below:


    Ratingof at least very good and at least 50 reviews (10 for apartments) on an independent booking platform is given

    Locationin a beautiful, internationally popular and very frequently visited place (like for ex. within Thailand, Spain, the USA, or similar) is given

    In walking distancefrom the beach and/or the city center and/or nightlife and/or some special attraction