I am travelling in Peru until May 7. I am currently in Machu Pichu, and I’d like to visit other towns, hot springs, then go to the jungle area of Puerto Maldonado. We can join forces, share costs and double the fun.

I am very flexible and dynamic. I am experienced driving cars and motorcycles all over the world. So we could rent a car, or motorcycles and cover a lot of terrain. I am also prepared for hiking and camping, yoga, dancing, and whatever else …. I respect your space, like you respect mine. We can chat half way up the mountain and contemplate in silence the other half. We can dine together one day and go alone the next. We might have an amazing flow and connection and want to do everything together.
let’s chat and plan the next adventure. Today, I am probably taking the train back to Cusco and …..

hope and wish you are enjoying whatever you are doing

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