Solo Travel

Hi Lisa, it’s true: part of nice holiday memories are always also the people you meet or travel with. A good chance to get to know people easily even during a short holiday is to join a singles holiday or tour. As most summer tours are over now, currently for instance Iceland or Jordan would still be available in November.

But for sure you won’t be bored neither if you go alone to a beach destination for a couple of days! There’s always something to explore, to do (like finding a nice restaurant), or chances to meet and talk to other travelers (like in a bar or in the hotel). You could also join an organized excursion, activity or guided tour which gives you the chance to have a nice guide and maybe meet other (solo) travelers who joined as well.

If you go to a bigger place that’s not only popular to tourists (like for instance Barcelona), you’ll also find many things to do, events and sights outside of the main season. You’ll find everything you need for an unforgettable holiday alone on our travel alone page.

Let us know where and how you enjoyed your holidays!