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Solo Travel Best of Thailand Tour

Solo Travel Best of Thailand Tour

$ 1,199


Solo Travel Thailand tour for solo travelers, singles & friends traveling without their partners – no single supplement for solo travelers or friends in their own rooms!

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Solo Travel Thailand Tour for Singles, Solo Travelers & Friends - Singles Holidays Thailand (Image: Pixabay)

Solo Travel Thailand Tour for Singles, Solo Travelers & Friends – Singles Holidays Thailand – Singles Vacation Thailand

Best of Thailand Tour for Solo Travelers, Singles & Friends Traveling Without Partners

No single supplement for solo travelers or friends traveling without a partner in comfy own rooms

Experience the most beautiful sides of Thailand with this exotic Thailand tour for solo travelers, singles & friends in one trip: first immerse yourself in the exciting metropolis of Bangkok with its many sights (starting from the first fantastic hotel with a nice pool and skyline view), then explore the idyllic north of Thailand (also with relaxation in wonderful hotels in between) and then optionally garnish these unforgettable days with relaxing days of enjoyment in a top hotel on a dream island.

Only few spots available!

Some highlights of the Thailand dream trip for solo travelers:

✅   Admire, explore and enjoy the megacity of Bangkok at leisure, superbly located hotel with garden pool and skyline views (including on the skyscraper with the Lebua Sky Bar known from “Hangover”), by boat to world famous temples, lively and colorful China Town, excursion to Ayutthaya, Northern Thailand incl. “Golden Triangle”, boat trip on the Mekong, stroll through the night market of Chiang Rai, “White Temple”, traditional northern Thai dinner with cultural Thai dance performances, relax on a dream island in a fabulous beach hotel with a beautiful large pool, within walking distance of nightlife, restaurants, massages, shopping centre incl. inexpensive culinary area, numerous excursion options such as jungle tour …

✅   No single supplement for solo travelers or friends traveling without spouses in their comfy own rooms

✅   During the best time to visit Thailand

✅   Globally unique and only available on Solo Travel

✅   Free rebooking option

✅   Impressive and relaxing overnight stays and breakfasts in amazing, top-rated hotels

✅   We did not only carefully select exceptionally nice hotels in favour of enjoyment and relaxation, but also avoided too many hotel changes and instead built in several cosy longer stays

✅   We have also consciously avoided too long bus rides – instead you can enjoy e.g. a beautiful domestic flight to Northern Thailand! Of course, there are still a few pleasant shorter bus trips with nice views.

✅   Be guided by qualified tour guides and sprinkled with interesting information

✅   Top price/performance ratio also in single rooms or double rooms for single use

✅   Individual extension of stay before and/or after the common tour is easily possible

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Solo Travelers in comfy own rooms from about US$ 1.199*

Friends in optionally own single or shared double rooms from about US$ 1.199* per person

✓ No single supplement for solo travelers or friends in comfy own rooms

🍀 As for eco-social sustainability: With your trip to Thailand, you are supporting the local economy and the partly still very poor population, but you should also inform yourself a little bit about the culture and local customs in order to meet the locals respectfully and joyfully. Although Thai people are used to tourists, they still appreciate respectful behaviour (e.g. in everyday life, it is better to wear more than just a bikini!). Besides Buddha, the king is very important in Thailand and insulting him is even punishable. Be economical with water and plastic consumption and consider a CO2-compensation for your flights.

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The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 16 and, depending on the booking situation, remaining places will be allocated to certain age or gender target groups in favor of a colorful mix – so secure your place in time!

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You’ll find the detailed tour itinerary on the booking page or in the program linked there!

Fellow Travelers

We believe that younger people are an enrichment for older people, and vice versa. Moreover, as we all know, sympathy, enthusiasm and enjoyment are rarely a question of age. Therefore we refrain from age restrictions and the trip is designed to be exciting and relaxing for both younger and older solo travelers or friends traveling without partners.

Since the travel experience, relaxation and enjoyment and not getting to know your travel companions is the main focus, we will also refrain from gender-specific restrictions. Statistically seen, however, the percentage of courageous women traveling alone is higher than that of men. It can therefore be assumed that the proportion of women participating in the tour will probably be higher than that of men.

The tour is furthermore generally intended for solo travelers and not only for singles, i.e. also for the growing number of solo travelers, who want to travel without their spouse in between times, for example because the spouse does not have the time or desire to travel. The travel experience is in the foreground and between the impressive sightseeing there is enough free space – so you don’t have to be afraid of not having enough free space or even matchmaking activities!

Should friendships or relationships develop during the trip, we are of course happy for you though!

And if someone should still place special emphasis on the age or gender of the fellow travelers, you are welcome to inquire about this via the request form. As far as possible, we will also actively try to ensure that there is a certain colourful mix of age and gender of the participants in the tour and therefore reserve the right to give preference to certain age or gender target groups depending on the booking situation.

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