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In the Solo Travel search you’ll find unforgettable trips and cheap travel deals with single room options for solo travelers, singles or vacation with friends in your own comfy rooms. You can easily compare and book the Solo Travel deals and tours cheaply. Of course, there are also double rooms available for most singles holidays, tours and packages for solo travelers & friends!

Important note: Although the focus of Solo Travel in general is on tours, accommodations and other selected travel deals that are very well suitable for solo travelers (e.g. by offering inexpensive single room options with only low or no “single supplement”), not all offers are exklusively for solo travelers.

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You’ll find tours especially for and with solo travelers & singles e.g. in the categories singles holidays or tours for solo travelers

With solo travelers, by the way, we generally mean those who travel without a partner and not only singles who travel completely alone. That includes thus the increasing number of those solo travelers who are in a relationship, but voluntarily or necessarily want to travel without their partner and possibly with a nice tour group.

Using the search functions on the left (or below on your mobile phone) you can either search through all available tours and deals (e.g. search for a destination or travel theme), or select a travel category first:

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