Before the rush on travel offers starts again, you can already now make use of the (still) quiet time:

✅ Browse countless beautiful deals already available, choose your dream destination and plan ahead:

✅ You can of course also book in advance, secure yourself cheap prices that way, and then prepare yourself concretely and look forward to your trip in better times (many travel providers also entice with free or inexpensive cancellation & rebooking options)

In any case, let’s stay optimistic! This is not only healthy (as well), but also in the interest of the many people who make traveling and its many benefits possible and who are often happy to bring a smile on one’s face (pilots, train conductors, crews, hotel cleaning staff, restaurant staff, tour guides, beach vendors, diving instructors, and many many more) ❤️

Pictures: #Mexico #Lapland #Maldives #USA

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