How to quickly and easily find a great travel deal

You’re not sure which destination or which type of travel suits you best (completely alone? With a nice travel group? Beach or city? …) and you ponder eternally if and which trip you should book? You are certainly not the only one, because holiday expectations are usually high, you only have a limited time frame and a certain budget and you want to get the best out of it. And as a solo traveller, you usually don’t have any “moral support” in thinning through holiday offers, which can quickly lead to frustration.

Why not try out with a ( very ) cheap and shorter trip what suits you best? You don’t have to plan your entire annual holiday and the entire holiday budget, but could instead escape from everyday life for a short and cheap vacation, ” on a trial basis ” so to speak, and travel again later based on the experience you have gained!

Here are 4 easy ways to find a nice deal for a “trial holiday”:

Simply refuel yourself with sun and fresh air and relax with a beautiful view?

A short beach holiday is not only pleasantly uncomplicated to realize, but especially in the low season due to overcapacities and cheap air fares very inexpensive to have. The best thing to do is to choose a package deal that usually includes flight and hotel, often also the transfer from the airport to the hotel (and back) and sometimes even breakfast or optionally more. So you don’t have to worry about anything apart from packing, you can lean back quickly and enjoy a nice flight and the ride to the beautiful hotel, let yourself be pampered there for a few days, sunbathe, swim, make excursions or just do as little as possible.

That’s how you quickly find a good deal to suit your taste:

1. Open the vacation package search:

2. In the search form enter your preferred departure place (e.g. New York), your dream destination (e.g. Bahamas) and the travel period you’re having in mind.

3. Click on “search” and you’ll get a list of beautiful vacation packages (you might have to specify an airport in your desired destination first). You can sort the results by price or by guest rating, for example. You also have filter options available, like minimum guest rating, swimming pool available, free breakfast, etc. The packages mostly include the hotel stay and flights by default, sometimes they even include all inclusive board (you’ll see that in the available rooms section after clicking into the details of a hotel).

4. Once you’ve selected a hotel, choose one of the available rooms by clicking on “select”.

5. In the next step you’ll see a list of available flights. Also here you’ll find filter options which make it easy to find flights that suit your taste. Depending on the destination, there might be more or fewer flight options available. You could consider a comfy departure time and nonstop flights, for example. Comfort and a beautiful flight experience might also depend on a modern aircraft type, for ex. With some flights you’ll even find ratings that facilitate the selection process! As you’ll see, some flight options will leave the packages price unchanged, others might even lower it while for some you’ll have to pay a little extra.

6. In the last step of the booking process you usually have the option to add useful travel services like airport transfer, a daytrip, a guided city tour, or the like.

The vacation package search is also very well suitable for city breaks, by the way! If you choose e.g. Paris as a destination, you will get a list of flight & hotel packages for the city of your dreams!

Let yourself be sprinkled with many beautiful impressions and stories together with a nice travel group:

Another possibility to break out of everyday life in a relaxing way is to join a tour. You think this is boring and old-fashioned? Then just try it out to counter your prejudice! It is quite pleasant and entertaining to be able to visit many cultural or natural beautiful places without having to worry about anything. Route, transfers and (often very pretty) accommodations (and usually also the trip to the starting point of a tour) are pre-organized with a lot of experience, during the bus transfers you can enjoy the view out of the window, talk to other travellers or listen to the stories of the tour guide.

This way you’ ll quickly find a beautiful, professionally organized tour together with a nice group of other travellers:

1. Open the tours search:

2. Use the slider “Filter by Price” (on the desktop to the left, on the mobile phone at the bottom) to set your maximum budget and click on “filter”.

3. The tours displayed as a result (many offering single room options!) are already sorted by price, i.e. the currently cheapest tours are displayed first. You can already start browsing!

Optionally, before using the price slider, you can use the search filter ” Choose a type of travel” to select your preferred type of travel, e.g. tours bookable for everyone, or tours for solo travelers & singles, or e.g. tours for young travelers (mostly up to an age of 39).

If you are not offered your arrival and departure flights when booking a tour, you can find cheap flights on our flight page and beautiful hotels for any extra nights before or after a tour on our hotel page.

Choose a destination by currently available flight deals

If you are willing to invest a little more time in planning your trip and to travel completely on your own, the following way of looking for cheap deals is the right one for you:

1. Open the flight search:

2. Execute the flight search of Skyscanner linked on our flight page without entering a destination nor flight dates. This will show you cheap flights and possible cheap destinations from your home airport that you can browse. To compare you can also try the “Explore” function of the also linked Kayak flight search. If you already have a destination in mind, you can use the low fare calendar below the flight search form to find cheap flight days.

3. After that, you can compare the prices of found flight connections and flight days with our flight search or other linked flight searches (the fees for checked baggage vary, for example, depending on the provider, should it not be included and should you need it).

Note that with low-cost flights and especially very new and small low-cost airlines, there is always the danger of flight postponements or similar problems, up to a bankruptcy of the airline (occurs relatively often these days). If you want to minimize the risk, book the flight rather shortly before the planned trip, book a cheap flight of a well-known airline, or choose a low-cost carrier that already exists for a longer time or that belongs to a larger alliance.

4. As soon as you have found a cheap flight, you can find all the additional ingredients you need for a successful “trial holiday” on your own via our other travel searches like these:

Browse our interactive map for solo travellers

If you prefer to choose your “trial vacation” in a more beautiful and dreamy way than by type of travel and price, you can use our Solo Travel Map to do so:

1. Open the interactive world map:

2. Zoom into an area of your interest using your fingertips or mouse pointer and select a marked location.

3. Via the link at a chosen dream destination you will get to beautiful travel deals, allowing you to realize your dream trip easily and often very cheaply (you can sort the results by price or use the price slider).

Please tell us about your travel experience!

If you have found and made a “trial trip” based on our tips, this will also give you the opportunity to share and discuss your experiences with other solo travellers in the Solo Travel Community! It would certainly meet with interest if you report with a few words and pictures how you liked a certain type of travel or a certain destination.

Until then, have fun browsing, dreaming, planning and realising your hopefully soon to come holiday trip!