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Solo Travel – Singles Holidays & Solo Travel Deals for Travelling Alone or with Friends  

Hand-picked solo travel deals and singles holidays for solo travellers, singles and friends with little or no single supplement

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Solo Travel

Solo Travel Deals & Singles Holidays

What you’ll find here:

With little or no single supplement

Solo travel deals and singles holidays with little or no single supplement

Independent supplier diversity

More objectivity and range of offers through independence of individual travel providers

Small, but fine travel community

Travel community to exchange with other solo travellers and search for travel companions

Travelling alone? You're not alone!

You want to travel alone because your better half or your friends are not motivated – or simply because of the special experience? You’re not alone! Already 11% of worldwide travellers are solo travellers. Most of them are women who want to escape from everyday life on their travels, decide for themselves and want to be themselves. And solo travellers are by no means just young singles: many are in a relationship and the average age of solo travellers is statistically around 54 years! Adventurousness seems to go more with mature femininity than with young masculinity 😉

“Today, more and more travelers are going solo – and they’re not who you might expect them to be. Some 24 percent of people traveled alone on their most recent overseas leisure vacation, up from 15 percent in 2013 … While the stereotypical solo traveler has traditionally been single and looking, a solo traveler these days is just as likely, if not more likely, to be married or in a committed relationship.”

The New York Times

“More woman are interested in solo travel then men. Each year, 9 million American women travel overseas alone. 72% of lady travelers in 2014 were enthusiastic about traveling solo … Of the world’s traveling population, 11% are solo travelers … a 134% increase in solo travelers since 2008 … The average solo traveler’s age is 54.”

Despite the large and growing number of solo travellers, the touristic offers are still lagging behind, making it more difficult and expensive to travel alone:

“It’s surprising, then, that the single traveller continues to be largely ignored by mainstream tour operators or forced to pay an unfairly high single supplement.”

The Telegraph, 2015

We are therefore looking for and negotiating solo travel deals with little or no single supplement (?) and services especially attractive and affordable for solo travellers. On you will find critically hand-picked travel deals, which we would also like to book ourselves. This means e. g. hotels, packages or tours with a superfair price-performance ratio and always a reliably good quality (comfortable room for single use, friendly and clean accommodation in a very good location, very good rating, etc.).
In addition, you have the possibility to exchange information in the small but nice travel forum with other solo travellers and to find possibly nice fellow travellers or solo travellers currently travelling.

Our selected travel offers with little or no single room surcharges (?) can of course also be used for travelling with friends and if you want to enjoy your own room! Sufficient single room/single user contingent must be given though 😉

The more people who travel alone are visibly interested in our work, the better we can represent their interests and negotiate directly with hotels and tour operators for attractive, suitable and favourable offers for solo travellers! Therefore please use our travel deals & practical booking tools, like our Facebookpage, subscribe to our Newsletter or recommend Solo Travel via Facebook or via e-mail! THANK YOU – together we can make it 😉



Opinions of solo travellers

  • “For me, traveling alone means more openness to people, a more intensive perception of the environment and thus more opportunities for interesting encounters and long-lasting inspiration. In the picture I’m on my way with a nice international tour group in California, where I had large and very comfortable double rooms all for myself.”

  • “Travelling alone through Asia I met open hearts and hospitality. A feeling of welcome accompanied my journey through the endless expanses of Mongolia with its friendly and sometimes nomadic inhabitants, unforgettable.”

  • “For me, travelling means relaxing getting out of the daily routine with good food and drinks in nice restaurants, with shopping, sightseeing and much more. Whether it’s to visit the son or for travelling with friends: in the evening I prefer to relax alone in a beautiful hotel room!”

  • “I am a vigorous, happily married sixty plus year old and have made many journeys with my wife. However, my wife could not accompany me on a trip to South Africa. That’s how I got to know the advantages of travelling alone. Apart from the considerably lower costs, it allows you to concentrate even better on the beauties and special features of the tourist destination. You also have more time for taking pictures. Surely this wasn’t my last solo trip.”

  • “Traveling means freedom, travelling alone means ultimate freedom. You determine the where, when and how, whether and with whom. As solo traveller you experience things you would never experience in company. You will gain unforgettable impressions and make the most interesting encounters, meet companions, like-minded people, dissenters. And on top of that, you’ll get to know yourself better.”



Not every solo traveller is single and not every single wants to go on singles holidays, i.e. group tours together with only other solo travellers and singles (although they don’t correspond to the cliché of singles holidays anymore; instead they usually offer enough individual freedom and a great program and should therefore be worth considering for all solo travellers or solo travelling friends!). There are more and more solo travellers (mostly women!) all over the world who are often in relationships, married or widowed, and who just want to enjoy freedom and independence, focus on relaxation and gain new impressions travelling alone.

That is why you will find among our hand-picked solo travel deals mainly holidays, tours and accommodations, which are suitable for all solo travellers wishing to have a cheap and comfortable room of their own – no matter if they are single or not and no matter whether they are alone, with friends or if they want to travel with a nice group. Also our tools for searching and booking holiday offers, round trips, accommodations, flights, rental cars & more are selected in such a way that suitable offers can be found quickly and easily even for solo travellers (as thousands of tours and hundreds of thousands of accommodations are searched, there are naturally also offers that are less suitable for solo travel – please use the search filters wisely, then your own investigations will quickly show suitable results.). Those who would like to travel together with only other solo travellers in a group will also find suitable offers for tours with solo travellers and singles holidays! If you don’t want to search for a long time, you can also simply and comfortably request a suitable nonbinding offer according to your needs and wishes.

5 Stars (80 Votes)